AIS Youth Transportation Policy

The National Youth Chair is responsible for implementing AIS Youth Transportation Policy at the National level and coordinating these policies at the Regional and Affiliate (Club) levels.
Regional Youth Chairs are responsible for the adoption and implementation of same-or-similar guidelines at the Regional and Affiliate levels.

Regional Youth Chairs and affiliate Youth Advisors are responsible for notifying volunteers that they must comply with vehicular laws and regulations. This can be accomplished through the Youth Advisor packet.

AIS volunteers acting in an official capacity with the AIS must follow state driving regulations and comply with all of the following standards:

  • Have a valid safe driver's license for vehicles to be driven
  • Have car insurance as required by the State
  • Use a safe, enclosed operating vehicle, and
  • Have seat belts for each passenger
  • If two adults cannot be present in the vehicle, the alternative minimun required is one adult and two or more youth members per vehicle
  • An adult should not be alone with a youth other than his/her own child.

Field Trip Transportation

Drivers who are transporting youth on field trips or long distances to official functions are encouraged to carry a first aid kit, medical treatment forms, and emergency accessories.

AIS Volunteers shall have current medical treatment forms from parents or guadians before transporting youth in personal or commercial vehicles to AIS activities, including club field trips and regional or national activities. This is not required for routine carpooling of members to and from regular youth meetings and activities.

Youth Drivers

AIS policy does not allow persons under the age of 18 to transport youth members to or from AIS functions.