Classroom Iris Program

Iris Color Patterns

The pictures below are thumbnails. When you click on them, a larger picture will be displayed. To return to this page, just click your "back" button.

The picture on the left has the parts of bearded iris labeled. The picture to the right is a plain iris. You can print it out and color it if you want. It will be large.

The images of iris types below are also thumbnails and show a larger image when clicked.

iris bloom parts

unlabeled iris bloom

Iris Self

Iris Plicata





SELF -- Standards (upper petals) and falls (lower petals) are the same color.
PLICATA -- Petals are rimmed, dotted or stitched in color.
BITONE -- Standards are a different shade of the falls. Falls are usually darker.
BICOLOR -- Standards are a different color from the falls.
BLEND -- One color blended into one or more others.
AMOENA -- A bicolor with white standards
VARIEGATA -- Has yellow standards and red-brown falls
NEGLECTA -- A blue or violet bitone.