Youth Funding

Youth Funding

How are all the youth projects funded? Who provides the awards for the contests, classroom iris projects, The Iris Fan, and other youth activities? Let me share with you all the way the American Iris Society provides monies for youth.

AIS Foundation

This group is separate from the American Iris Society. Every year they sponsor the Ackerman Essay Contest, select the topic, judges and the winners and award the prize money to two AIS Youth members.

Clarke Cosgrove Fund (CYA)

This is a "dedicated" fund, which means that the money in the fund can only be used for the trophy and the awards for the yearly Clarke Cosgrove Memorial Award for Youth Achievement. Youth members are nominated by adult AIS members, and the nominees are judged by an independent panel of 3 judges. Donations made to this fund are used strictly for the CCMAYA, nothing else.

Classroom Iris Project (CPF)

This fund is a "dedicated" fund, which means that the money in the fund can only be used to pay the annual dues for the adult in charge (teacher, 4-H leader, Boy or Girl Scout leader, school aide, etc.) of a Classroom Iris Project. Donations made to this fund are used solely to pay these yearly dues, once the youth member dues have been received.

Youth Yearly Budget

Funded completely by the AIS General Fund, each year an amount is determined for use by the AIS Youth Committee to fund all the various expenses incurred in running a youth program, including but not limited to, printing, postage, coloring contest awards, and the youth reception and social at the annual National Convention. Approximately 400 plus issues of the youth newsletter, The Iris Fan, are sent out twice a year, and every new youth member is sent a New Member Packet, which contains a welcome letter, a copy of the Youth Handbook, a youth questionaire, and a previous copy of the newsletter. This year's budget was set at $1200.

Youth General Fund

This is a brand new "dedicated" fund, which was started at the 2006 AIS National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Donations made to this fund can be used to sponsor ANY youth project approved by the AIS Youth Committee, such as, but not limited to, purchase of research material (books on irises) for a school library, payment of youth dues, transportation/registration expenses for a youth member attending a National Convention, funding of a community garden project started by an AIS youth member.

Thanks to Jim and Jean Morris, Judy Keisling, and the Geek Committee, this fund had $400 before the Convention ended. Monies sent to the Donations Secretary and designated for "Youth" will be placed in this fund.

As you can see, there are many ways to support AIS Youth, but there are also very many expenses in running such a successful program. I am always looking for new ideas for the AID Youth Program and welcome suggestions from everyone, youth and adults alike.

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