youth patch  
  Above is a picture of the new Youth Patch.  For a larger view, click the Patch.  

The following are the activities to earn an AIS Youth Patch.  Those activities marked with an * are required.  To earn an AIS YOUTH PATCH you must complete all the required activities plus four (4) optional activities of your choice.  All activities are to be documented, and verified to the AIS Youth Chair.  Activities MUST be completed in a calendar year (example:  November 13, 2013 to November 12, 2014).

 *  1. Must be an active, dues paying American Iris Society Youth member, either individually or Classroom Iris Project (CIP) member.
 *  2. Must enter the yearly Ackerman Essay Contest for AIS Youth Members.
 *  3. Must enteer the annual AIS Youth Coloring Contest.
  4. Enter the AIS Photo Contest.
 *  5. Grow at least 2 different types of irises (bearded or beardless such as Dwarf, Medians, Tall Bearded, Spurias, Louisianas, Species-X, etc.)  Pot culture is permitted.
 *  6. Write an article for your club newsletter, regional newsletter, The Iris Fan (youth newsletter) or the AIS Bulletin, IRISES - proof of publication required.  If possible, provide photos.
 *  7. Be an active member of your club or region by helping at a show, sale, or event (adult verification is required).  Be available to answer questions.
  8. Enter an educational iris exhibit at a local or regional iris show, county fair or school science fair.
 *  9. Recruit a new AIS member, either adult or youth.  E members qualify
 *  10. Visit other gardens during bloom time.  Adult vertification is required, eith garden owner or parent.
  11. Create a "word search" puzzle for The Iris Fan using a theme of your choosing with at least twenty (20) words to find.  Submission of the puzzel to the AIS Youth Chair is required.
  12 Plant an iris garden in your community such as at library, park, school, senior center, veteran's home, church or other location.  Make sure printed instructions of iris care are available to the people who will continue caring for the garden.  Photo verification, newspaper/newsletter article or thank you note (copy) from place is required.
  13. Hold a position on a committee for your iris club or region and actively participate in the committee's activities:  Show Committee, Sales Committee, Refreshment Committee, etc.
  14. Present a program to your iris club, region, school or community about irises.  This program could be one of the AIS Slide programs, or one you have created yourself (such as My Iris Garden, Why I Like Irises, etc).
  15. Participate in an iris show in the Artistic or Horticulture Divisions.  If none are available, hold a "mock iris show" and encourage others to enter.  You may also hold a 'Not a Flower Iris Show' using things that have irises on them -- make a 'show schedule' listing different categories such as Jewelry, Artwork, Linens, Clothing, Office Supplies, etc.  You can award ribbons or just have a "People's Choice" winner.  Submit show schedule.
  16. Create an original piece of artwork involving irises, such as a drawing, sculpture, photo collage, needlework, or poster using any artistic medium (chalk, pastels, paints, clay, metal, etc.), including using irises to dye/color your work.
  17. Share your excess rhizomes with your club members, another youth group or friends.  Send list to AIS Youth Chair with verification letter from adult leader or parent.
  18. Vote the annual AIS Tall Bearded Symposium ballot.
  19. Learn the cultural requirements of a type of iris that you do NOT grow and write a short report about it.  Submit the report to the AIS Youth Chair.
  20. Learn how to hybridize irises.  (See Youth Member Handbook).  Tag your crosses and collect the seeds from successful crosses.  Keep a record of your efforts.