Deadline for Entries is
March 31, 2020
Topic is:  Imagine that you are the President of the American Iris Society 50 years  from now, on the 150th Anniversary of AIS. How would you encourage people to join AIS and continue to support growing and sharing irises into
the future? What do you think irises will look like in 2070?

The Ackerman Essay Contest Award winners are announced at the AIS National Convention.

The Essay Topic for the Ackerman Essay Contest is printed in the January AIS Bulletin Issue by Cheryl Deaton, the National Youth Director.

Essays should be written in 500 words or less. Mail the Essay to:

Debbie Strauss
2213 Hereford Blvd
Midland, TX 79707-5012

Or send as an attachment to the email address above.

For other questions contact Cheryl Deaton at

Prizes winnings are (beginning for 2019 Contest):

There are three age Divisions:  3-9 Elementary , 10-12 Junior , and 13-18 Senior Division
There are three prizes given in all Categories:  3rd - $25, 2nd - $50, and 1st - $100, for a total of nine prizes.